After nearly 20 years of launching and managing international stars for film and television, our team understands how to set the standard for what is fashionable and our Tastemakers do just that. Word of mouth and grassroots campaigns are passionately driven to facilitate an emotional connection between our Culinary Artists and their audience.


The unique talents of our Culinary Artists are highly sought after in the advertising and marketing industry. Our alliances with studios, networks, and distribution companies provide our Culinary Artists with diverse opportunities for celebrity endorsements, product integrations, tie-ins, and commercial promotions.



In addition to overseeing grassroots campaigns, media placements, and public awareness efforts, we actively monitor social media and blogs to keep connected with enthusiasts. We maintain a strong web presence for Culinary Artists Agency to further encourage branding, loyalty, and consumer involvement from audiences across social media platforms.



Culinary events, tastings, lectures, and appearances allow our Culinary Artists to interact with thousands of buyers and fans in a personal atmosphere. We take part in traditional food fairs, tastings, and international competitions. We further increase our Culinary Artists' visibility and public image by expanding their reach to visionaries in all fields including health and fitness, education, and arts and entertainment. Our diversified outreach program is a part of our grassroots campaigns to generate word-of-mouth support and build customer loyalty.