Building on nearly 20 years in the entertainment industry representing celebrities, writers, and directors, Sharon Lane, President of Culinary Artists Agency, Inc., is proudly representing distinguished artisans worldwide.

Following her tremendous success in the entertainment world, Ms. Lane felt compelled to follow her dreams and diversify her scope of representation. A passionate foodie and lifelong student of artisanal cheeses, Ms. Lane decided to expand upon her unique ability to sell and package personalities and their businesses. Her mission is to unite the artisanal growers and culinary artisans who embrace the cultures and traditions that help shape our world. 

Representing celebrity chefs, spokespersons, cheesemongers, vintners, chocolatiers, authors, and other distinguished artisans, Culinary Artists Agency has created a unique niche in the culinary world. Our expert strategists, tastemakers, and consultants work hand in hand with our Culinary Artists to create a passionate team. Our combined strengths and commitment to integrity enables our artisans to benefit from creative partnerships with distributors, publicists, and entertainment companies. At Culinary Artists Agency, we have set the stage where even the smallest of voices can be heard and shared with the world.